Nerospec Core is a group of key individuals united by a pioneering spirit that was forged by years of success over multiple industrial and commercial industries. The company is an amalgamated, innovative technology company that brings highly imaginative technology solutions into real everyday life to address problems that face major economic drivers in our society. Our solutions address the following but not limited to Communication, Industry, Mining, Defence, Security, Transport, Agriculture and Healthcare. 

The company has an experienced team from Research and Development, Product Design – Hardware, Application Design – Software, Solution Architects,

Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Service Delivery and After Sales Support all in house to assure our customers of exceptional service. At the CORE of our business are combined years of proven experience in the successful development and delivery of solutions and supporting them with our teams without outsourcing any of the functions that companies in some of the fields we operate in normally do. This gives us an uncontested lead position in delivering the best in and out of class solutions and services to exceed the expectations of our customers that is driven by a shared passion for implementing effective niche solutions that are tailored to our customers unique requirements that offer increased productivity, critical monitoring and innovative efficiencies.

Nerospec Networks provides you with bespoke secure internet connectivity solutions ensuring your business is always on.  We are a vendor agnostic solutions provider which allows us to offer you one of the most expansive footprints throughout South Africa.  Our unique custom manufactured solutions provide you with dual multi vendor redundancy as we understand the importance of keeping your business alive.

Nerospec OSCON is a global company focused on improving safety and productivity of mining machines. Nerospec OSCON is a company who value integrity, innovation, persistence, attention to detail, hard work and dependability above all else. Nerospec OSCON products are agnostic and not tied to a specific OEM or mining equipment distributor. Nerospec OSCON tailor solutions to each clients’ requirements.

Nerospec IOT enables businesses to improve process reliability by capturing & analysing data, and then identifying potential issues. Being a full OEM means that our customer is encouraged to speak to the engineers that will be working on the project avoiding the possibility of communication issues and unnecessary delays. With industry leading embedded electronic specialists, hardware, firmware and software engineers in house Nerospec IOT will be able to customise any solution to meet your needs.

Nerospec BCBS focuses on the manufacturing and installation of Communications Infrastructure and other Mining Equipment. Our highly skilled industry specialists are leaders in architecting a perfect solution to meet your unique strategic business objectives. 

Nerospec Tactical is a Nerospec group company that specialise in the development of military, security and police smart equipment or ancillaries. We apply the latest technologies that can enhance the safety and increase the overall effectiveness of deployed units with our unique offering that allows for remote monitoring and asset management to name a few.